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Signs are some of the most effective ways to grab people’s attention. A colorful, well-lit fixture will draw any passerby’s eye, which will bring more traffic to your doorstep. Channel lettering is one of the most popular signage products available today. They are noticeable in all kinds of weather conditions, suitable for different industries, and can be customized to suit different brands.

Different Types of Channel Lettering

There are three distinct types of channel lettering signs that can you can choose. Here’s a look at them and their characteristics:

  • Self-Contained Lettering – Self-contained signs are visually-pleasing because they have a fluid design. All letters are connected to create a single, coherent piece, which makes it a great option for logos.
  • Multiple Layers – Multi-layered lighting signs have different components installed on top of one another. This creates a 3D effect and gives the image some interesting depth. The sign easily stands out in a crowd because it looks unique.
  • Backplate – This sign has a backplate that creates a shadow-effect, which makes the lettering stand out even more. The shadowed effect creates depth, adds dimension, and ensures your sign doesn’t look boring.

All three options offer several advantages and can fit your brand. An experienced signage designer will help you come up with a design that fits your business.

How to Light Your Channel Lettering

You can customize channel lettering signs completely based on your aesthetic requirements. Some of the lighting customization options include:

  • Front-Lit – Front-lit signs look elegant and soft, which makes them a great choice for companies that have a sophisticated branding aesthetic. The light is placed at the front and focuses inward, offering gentle but visible illumination.
  • Backlit – Backlit signs are bright, vivid, and colorful. They capture attention immediately by providing depth to the sign image. Backlit fixtures are also highly visible, which makes them a good option for outdoor signage.
  • Front and Back – This installation has both front and back illumination, which creates a bright, eye-catching sign.
  • Open or Exposed – Open or exposed signs have a very retro feel. The lighting components are exposed, similar to the neon signs of the past. This style is very versatile and suitable for almost every brand.
  • Custom Lighting – If you want something unique and interesting, discuss custom lighting options with the signage company. They will create a piece that fits in perfectly with your brand.

Contact a well-established signage company and discuss your design requirements with them. An expert will explain all lighting signs options before recommending something that fits your brand perfectly.