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Storefront Cabinet Signs (Box Signs)

Extruded Aluminum Profile Cabinets

This type of signs is Illuminated/Lighted with LED light, What makes Sign Cabinets a very bold and effective way to advertise your brand or products.

Electric Sign Cabinets can be fabricated in larger sizes, which makes visibility and recognition at its best compared to other signage options.

Single Face or Double Face Aluminum Sign Cabinets can bring huge attention to your brand, especially when you have the space for a huge message to display.

Light Boxes, Light Box Signs, church & School Signs, Pylon/Pole Signs, Monument Signs are types of signs that are related to cabinet signs.

Mounting methods:

Wall Mount – Best suited for hanging on storefront or building or even a large pole sign construction,

Good for mounting onto a base or into a hollow wall.

The saddle mounting method goes onto a new pole sold with some new sign when the size is not an option on the building.

Wrap Around made to fit the existing center of a pole.

Between poles (corner brackets) – Goes between existing 2 pole structures.

Center Pole Mount, includes an internal pole that fits into the top of an existing pole.

Plate Mount – Internal pole and plate match existing pole with the top plate.

Cantilever – Resembles Highways signs hanging over the road or on top of the building.

Find the perfect Storefront Cabinet Sign for your Business

Besides the options of larger sizes, cabinet signs are versatile and tend to have multi-colored graphics. Signs House fabricates cabinet signage in multiple shapes, sizes, and countless design options. They are either single or double-sided depends on where it is going to be installed, usually used both indoors and outdoors but mostly they perform better outdoors.

The most popular use of cabinet signs is single sided. But your illuminated cabinet signs can be mounted on a pole or projected from the wall, on a base as monument signs, perpendicular to a wall, and in many other variations.


Take your business brand to the next level

Signs House experienced craftspeople work with a variety of materials and manufacturing techniques to create elegant and visually striking effects for cabinet signs, dimensional letters, and logo forms, and the forms can be integrated into custom interior signage, exterior signage, digital signage enclosures, office signs, store signs, and donor recognition walls.

If you have an idea, we will bring it to life.