Channel Letters Signs in Chicago, IL

Channel Letters Signs

Made with aluminum and acrylic with LED lights

A Channel Letter sign is made of individually constructed 3D letters logos and shapes. Aluminum is the preferred material for Channel Letter signs as it will not rust. The letters vary in depth from 2” to 6” inches or more, depending on the overall size of the sign. The face of each letter is capped with a translucent acrylic material.

This type of sign uses high-efficiency LED lighting. The LEDs are mounted inside each letter and provide bright, even illumination. For daytime viewing, the channel letters are highly visible, while at night they really stand out.

Once the letters and shapes are ready, they are usually first mounted on a panel, although it’s possible to mount individual channel letters directly on an exterior wall. The designer may add other elements and accents to complete the overall look of the sign.

The faces of the letters can include various colors, with white being a popular choice. The letters can also have additional design elements, as you can see in the City Smiles sign we installed in Denver. Our sign designers can create custom shapes using the same techniques used to form the letters. The building shape in the City Smiles sign is a good example.