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The future will be looking up when you choose custom-designed Channel Letter Signs by Signs House to promote your company and its brands. Channel Letter Signs are the most captivating signs for storefronts, and for many other outdoor and interior marketing promotions.

Signs House of Chicago and its expert Graphic Designers and Sign Technicians team will custom craft your Channel Letter Signs. From creative concept development to fully fabricated three-dimensional letters, logos, or figures ready for installation, Signs House does it all. You can attach your Channel Letter Signs to most any wall, or structure. If you want your sign lit up, Signs House offers an exciting array of options to illuminate each project ranging from Neon to backlighting, or spectacular interior lighting configurations to make your entire sign glow.

Every letter or figure is separately cut and created with top quality craftsmanship so your signs will be protected from rain and
sunshine minimizing the risks of quick unsightly rust damage or discoloration due to fading. Signs House Channel Letter Signs
even have a warranty. We don’t want your Channel Letter Signs to chip, dent, rust, or fade so we build your signs properly and stand behind our work. Signs House Channel Letter Signs are cost-effective and reliable, o!ering great branding opportunities for any image-conscious business owner.

The future of your organization is important.

Making Signs House your choice for all your new or upgraded Channel Letter Signs requirements is a decision we now you’ll be happy with, and one which will seriously help enhance your margin of success.


Why Channel Letter Signs are so popular:

Signs House Channel Letter Signs are o!ered in various faces and
trim colors. They are also readily available in numerous designs that
include Helvetica and Times fonts. The latest quality of these signs
is flame resistant, and arching is now a distant memory. This is a
result of the modern-day high-density injection-molded plastic
body that provides protection from flames and arching. As soon as
installed on a wall or any other structure, Our Signs House Channel
Letter Signs require minimum or no maintenance and are incredibly
a!ordable and effective. They are easy to set up and come in a
variety of Acrylic Face Colors. You have many styles to pick from.

Types of Channel Letter Signs:

There are three types of letters. Requirement letters are the most
typical and are made of a U-channel base with colored plexiglass
deals. The second type is Reverse Letters which have metal deals
with, returns, and clear plastic support. When mounted these
letters do not touch the wall. They are normally an inch or more
away from the wall. They are lovely at night and create a halo-lit
effect. There is a third kind of Channel Letter Signs. These have the
‘open’ faces. Open to reveal the raw neon effect.

Benefits of Using these Letters:

They come pre-primed for simple painting and this is the main
reason people love them so much. Channel letters are easily drilled
for installation and weep holes when used for signs. This kind of
sign allows the tubing to be placed at least 1/8″ from side returns
without tripping electrical transformers.

Setup Methods:

You can mount Channel Letter Signs either straight to the wall,
individually, or on a rectangle-shaped box called a raceway.
Separately installed letters are more attractive than raceway
mounted. Raceway mounted is less expensive and quicker to install
since each letter is pre-spaced and mounted to the raceway in the
factory. Just the raceway gets installed to the wall total with the
letters well attached on. Private lettering takes time to install since it
needs to be done on the website one letter at a time to the wall.
This makes this remarkable lettering a bit more costly than the

Handle knowledgeable letter Manufacturers:

If you are wanting to promote your organization using Channel
Letter Signs please consider us. Signs House o!ers you the peace of
mind to know we have the technical knowledge, competence, and
experience to handle your project expertly guaranteeing that your
signs will serve you well for many years. At Signs House of Chicago,
we build your Channel Letter Signs to last and endure the elements
of time and nature without incurring hefty upkeep expenses.

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