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Storefront signage is a great promotional tool for any business. It helps establish a strong brand presence and ensures you attract attention from prospective customers passing by your store. A custom sign design will help your business stand out from others, ensuring you have a unique identity. Businesses should consider working with an experienced signage company to get the best design for their storefront.

Effect of Dimensional Lettering

Dimensional letters are popular because they immediately catch you eye. An experienced graphic designer will come up with a sign that looks current and is brand relevant. Here’s a look at some benefits of this sign:

Honda custom sign
Dimensional Signs are extremely attractive.
  • Gives Depth – Dimensional letters give a 3D effect to any sign, which adds depth to the image that is visible even from a distance. Such a sign appears more dynamic and sophisticated, improving the store’s brand image considerably.
  • Texture – The raised lettering on storefront signage also gives it a more textured appearance. This kind of design is pleasing to the eye and can help your store stand apart from others in the area.
  • Personalization – You can have dimensional letters in different fonts, colors, shapes, and sizes. This allows you to convey a specific message to prospective customers. For example, you can use a more playful and sportier font if you’re a sports supply business targeting children.

Dimensional letters are a very convenient and effective way to promote your brand and establishment. They are fully customizable and can fit your brand identity easily.

Versatility of Dimensional Letters

These storefront signage installations are versatile and can easily match your store’s exterior. You can choose a specific color, design, and size to ensure the sign stands out, but doesn’t overwhelm the shop’s façade. Make sure the signage matches the branding of your company. There should be no aesthetic difference between the logos and signs inside the store and outside.

If you need to develop a brand image from scratch, consult with an experienced marketer or signage expert. They will look at your products, target audience, and competitors before offering their recommendations. Storefront signage experts are always on top of the latest design trends of their industry, so they can help you send the right message. Look for installers with experience in creating 3D lettering or dimensional lettering signs. They will recommend the best design and create a good-quality sign for you. A reliable dimensional sign will last for several years if maintained well. Some installers provide yearly maintenance plans to keep the sign in good shape.