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A Wide Variety of Channel Letter Signs

Channel Letter Signs are usually crafted from customized metal or
plastic letters. Signs House of Chicago o!ers a variety of Channel
Letter Signs which are great for business structures, churches, and
other buildings. Visit us at signshouse.com for Channel Letter Signs
sure to embellish the exterior of most any organization. There are
various kinds of channel letters, such as basic letter, exposed
neon channel letter, the reverse-lit channel letter.

Sturdy Rust Resistant Fabrication

A basic channel is generally a 3-dimensional graphic sign element.
To prevent rust, Signs House normally uses aluminum sheet metal.
Our state-of-the-art Signs House computer-controlled router is
utilized for cutting the aluminum sheet. A flat aluminum sheet is cut
on a table. This is utilized for creating the back of the channel and
this is the basis of the letter shape.
Lighting Up the Channel Letter Signs
There is another aluminum sheet of 3 to 6 inches broad around the
aluminum back. It forms the sides of the Channel and it is called the
returns. This is welded at the joint or riveted to back. It produces a
strong can in the shape of a letter. This is how a letter can is
formed. It is then fitted with any lighting elements. For instance,
neon gas tubes or light-emitting diode modules. There is a
translucent plastic sheet of 3/16″ thick acrylic or polycarbonate. It is
cut and fit into the open face of the letter can. There is a trim cap
border that is utilized on the edges. It helps give the letter a
complete look. It also produces a binding surface area to attach
with the letter can. At night, these expertly fashioned channel
letters create a high impact impression to draw the attention of the

Channel Letter Signs are appealing and beautiful. There is an
exposed neon channel letter. Typically, these appear like standard
letters, but these are not covered with a plastic face. This is where
the reverse-lit channel is. In this type, the face of the letter is made
with aluminum and the lighting is done from the front to the back.
The motto is flooding the wall with the light so that the letter is
mounted and makes an outlined space in the night. This design is
referred to as halo letters. Usually, this type of letter is very
expensive to produce.

The Wholesale Channel Letter Signs Option
Channel Letter Signs can be seen from a country mile, they are
aesthetically pleasing, and they work exceptionally well 24 hours a
day seven a week with little to no upkeep cost. We’re gearing up to
easily give your business the attention it deserves with our new
Signs House wholesale letters since buying wholesale is affordable
and timesaving. Watch for the grand opening of our wholesale
division at signshouse.com in early 2021.

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