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Our Signs House of Chicago featured Channel Letter Signs are the
most incredible type of lettering for both interior and outside
marketing. Our channel letter signs are affordable and reliable.
Signs House channel letter signs are on the cutting edge of the
future of business branding for any image-conscious business
owner. Our state-of-the-art Signs House channel letter signs are
distinctive three-dimensional individually cut and developed letters
or figures. You can attach them to a wall, or any other structure
illuminated or un-illuminated. You have our Signs House warranty
that your letters will not dent, chip, corrode, or fade easily. They
work for neon and for non-lighted signs.
Why Signs House channel letter signs are so popular:
Signs House letters are o!ered in various faces and trim colors.
They are also readily available in lots of designs that consist of
Helvetica and Times font styles. The most recent quality of these
signs is flame resistant, and arching is now a distant memory. This
is having a result of the modern high-density injection-molded
a plastic body that provides security from flames and arching. Once
mounted on a wall or any other structure, these appealing signs

require minimum or no maintenance and hence are incredibly cost-
e!active and e!active. They are simple to set up and be available in

a range of Acrylic Face Colors. You have many kinds of letters to
choose from, and there are lots of associated advantages too.

Kinds of Signs House Channel Letter Signs:
There are three kinds of letters. Requirement letters are the most
common and are made from a U-channel base with colored
Plexiglas faces. The second type is Reverse Letters which have metal
faces, returns, and a clear plastic backing. When mounted these
letters do not touch the wall. They are typically an inch or farther
from the wall. They are gorgeous at night and develop a halo-lit
impact. There is a 3rd kind of Channel Letters. These are the ones
with ‘open’ faces. Open because raw neon is not covered and for this
reason enables it to be seen.
Advantages of Using Signs House Letters:
Signs House channel letter signs come pre-primed for easy
painting, or fully painted according to specifications, and this is one
of the many reasons our clients like them so much. Channel letter
signs are easily drilled for installation and weep holes. This form of
signs enables the tubing to be positioned a minimum of 1/8″ from
side returns without tripping electrical transformers.
Installation Methods:
You can install them either directly to the wall, separately, or on a
rectangle-shaped box called a raceway. Individually installed letters
are more enticing than raceway mounted. Raceway installed is less
expensive and quicker to set up because each letter is pre-spaced
and installed on the raceway in the factory. Just the raceway gets
mounted to the wall complete with the letters well a”xed on.
Individual lettering takes some time to install because it needs to be
done on the site one letter at a time to the wall. This makes this
superior lettering a bit more costly than the raceway.

Signs House Is A Skilled Manufacturer:
If you are seeking to promote your service utilizing Channel letter
signs, it is extremely essential to choose a skilled manufacturer
such as Signs House of Chicago due to the fact we have the
technical knowledge, expertise, and experience to handle your
project with superb results. We ensure your signage will serve you
for several years without encountering serious maintenance
expenses or product failure.
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