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At Signs House, we feel one of the best outdoor signs to promote
your company is our very own line of LED Channel Letter Signs.
You may be wondering, “what are Channel Letter Signs?” At Signs
House we believe our Channel Letter Signs are among the best signs
you’ll find anywhere in the world.
Channel Letter Signs are mainly used on buildings of organizations,
institutions, storefronts, and company o!ces or manufacturing
plants. These signs can be made of plastic and metal materials, and
are great for everything from a downtown specialty store, to
company corporate headquarters, and hospitals, auto dealerships,
shopping malls, and more.

Using Channel Letter Signs o!ers advantages:

Channel Letter Signs by Signs House are terrific branding tools for
your company or organization.
Designed to make your company logo or image stand out among
other ordinary signboards, it’s no wonder Signs House Channel
Letters are a very popular choice.
Signs House makes the development process seem easy with our
state-of-the-art cut and assembly system.
A gorgeous marketing advantage, Channel Letter Signs seem to
stand out – as if floating in mid-air – slightly away from the wall of
your structure. Signs House gives you a look that will get noticed
every time.

Channel Letter Signs can be electrically wired and lighted to easily
create a custom style special effect on street-level signs or any of
our especially well-designed Signs House creations.
Custom made channel letters are economical in the long run,
because they need little upkeep once installed.

Types of Channel Letter Signs:

Produced aluminum Letters can be utilized to make any logo or
business identity. Aluminum is a flexible metal and it provides
endless possibilities, combinations, colors, and setups to design
and cut customized signs that fit your preferred specifications.
Aluminum made Channel Letter Signs Letters can be electrically
wired to develop fantastic impact potential and loyal consumers.

Other types of Channel Letter Signs are; Face-lighted Letters, Back-
lighted Letters, Customized logos Letters, and LED Channel Letters.

Utilizing LED Channel Letters for signs:

Did you understand that LED means ‘lighting releasing diode?’ LED is
a modern-day innovation for saving energy at home and at the
workplace or factory. The LED industry is flourishing due to its

appeal in the signs-based marketing sector. LED letters are eye-
catching outside marketing tools for effective service branding.

Signs House can help you market your area magnificently by placing
LED Channel Letter Signs outside the building, to promote your
products and services inside, which otherwise might go unnoticed.
Your signs can be in any shape, size, colors, and strengths. Signage
made from LED Channel Letter Signs is cost-e!cient and a reliable
method of marketing your organization.

LED letters signs are utilized in malls and buildings in America and
in most of the developed world due to the fact that they can easily
be made in a range of methods that include; made aluminum
letters, face-lighted letters, back-lighted letters, and personalized
logo design letters. LED lights produce the most amount of light for
the least quantity of energy compared to any other type of lighting.
Outside LED Channel Letter Signs are the most typical kind of
organization signage used today because they set your organization
apart from more inferior signage in your area, or help keep you
competitive with other top retailers nearby.

LED lights signs can last for more than 100,000 hours when signs
are developed, cut, made, and set up LED for you by our experts.
The future for the sign industry comes from LED letters signs since
they assist you to save energy, conserve cash on your electrical power
costs, they have no maintenance costs, and ultimately they are the
best outdoor advertising sign you will ever discover anywhere.

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