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If your business establishment has a physical location, you need to focus on having impactful storefront signage. It is a crucial aspect of marketing and advertising. Creating a positive impact is about having noticeable storefront signs that reflect your brand and your products well. 

Types of Storefront Design

3d letters sign
3D signage gives your business much more visibility .

You will find there are a variety of signs to choose from, including:

  • Channel Lettering looks amazing, is entirely customizable, and is ideal for any kind of business.
  • 3D dimensional signage is noticeable. If you are in a commercial district where there are many other businesses all in a row, it is necessary to have a sign that stands out.
  • Awning signage is perfect if you have this feature installed on your storefront. The awning will serve the dual purpose of providing shelter from the elements and advertising your brand name and business logo.

Steps to Create Effective Signage

Before planning your storefront sign, there is a certain amount of planning that you will need to do. These are some of the storefront design consideration to keep in mind:

  • Choose a sign of the right size. It should not overwhelm your storefront but should be noticeable, so make sure that it is proportionate to the façade of your building or entrance.
  • Decide what kind of lighting options you may need. If you are a 24/7 business or one that operates late into the evening hours, you want a sign that is well lit, even at night. Even establishments that do not operate at night want their signs continue advertising their brand after dark. You can choose from different LED lighting options, which are cost-effective and come in many attractive colors.
  • The placement of your sign is another aspect to keep in mind. Depending on where the entrance to your building is, you can place the sign either to the left, right, or center it perfectly.
  • Always choose colors that match your brand and reflect the image that you want to portray.

Since there are so many different aspects to keep in mind while designing channel lettering, it is best to hire professionals with experience in the industry. They will have detailed discussions with you, determine what the purpose of the signs is and then recommend the best solutions that reflect your brand identity. Another important aspect that you should not forget is to have the necessary permits to install the signs in line with local codes. For the best custom signage services, feel free to contact us with your storefront design requirements.