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Signs are a large part of your branding and should always be unique. Generic or vague signs won’t have much of an impact on prospective customers, which defeats their purpose. Sign installations are designed to attract attention and draw in more customers. If you don’t establish a unique brand, customers will forget your company and it will be difficult to build a solid base. A custom sign design can help you establish a strong impression and stand out to prospective customers.

How to Customize Your Sign?

There are several ways to create a unique and interesting sign for your brand. You can use your company logo, colors, fonts, and design aesthetic to ensure the fixture is truly unique. Here’s a look at some tips on how to create a custom sign design:

  • Brand-Relevant Font – Most signs have dimensional letters that spell out the brand name and other such information. You need to make sure the font is relevant to the brand. For example, you can’t use a comic font for an elegant fashion brand.
  • Fit – Size and dimensions are important factors to consider because you want to make sure the sign doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb. Make sure it is well-balanced and all of the graphics are proportional.
  • Location – The placement location will have a big impact on the sign. Storefront installations are smaller and don’t require many graphics. Roadside signs should be big and bold enough to catch the attention of people passing by.
  • Logo – The company logo is one of the most important aspects of a custom sign design because it establishes a unique identity. Make sure your installation has a clearly visible brand logo.

Your sign appearance should convey the brand message, appear professional, have substance, and be visible.

Types of Signage

There’s no shortage of custom sign options available in the market today. Here’s a look at some of the choices:

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Originality is crucial when designing your commercial sign.
  • Custom Office Signs
  • Donor Recognition Walls
  • Custom Interior Signage
  • Digital Signage Enclosures
  • Exterior Signage
  • Store Custom Signs

Every type of sign has its advantages, so it is a good idea to install a combination of them in your store. Visit the home page of a reputable signage company to find a good custom sign design. They will consider your requirements and offer nuanced advice on the sign’s appearance. Most companies have in-house graphic designers to help customers find the best fit. Discuss your priorities with them and share some inspirational photographs or materials to give them a clear idea of what you want.