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Channel Letter Signs in Chicago IL

We offer quality custom channel letters and storefront signs in Chicago at affordable prices.

The most effective way to get your business recognized, channel letters signs are dimensional signs that contain letters and logos with a lot of color options, that reflect your brand image and help your business to stand out in a professional manner.
Channel letter signs are durable and weatherproof especially in cities like Chicago.
Channel letters and logos signs are LED-lit, which is very bright and saves energy.
With hundreds of color options and different fonts and sizes, channel letters will bring your business brand to life and raise your brand awareness.
Channel letter signs are the most effective dimensional signs that will bring more customers to your business,  it’s one of the most important investments in your business and considered the most effective marketing way that will grow your business by raising its visibility.

Why choosing channel letter signs?

The most effective piece of advertisement that you can add to your brand, 85% of your customers recognize your business from your front signage, channel letters have a 160-degree angle of visibility and it is very easy to read from any direction, the 3D look make the letters easy to read and the right design using the limit-less color and lighting option make it stand out and stand Chicago weather, it is an investment you never regret.

Types of channel letter signs:

Front illuminated

This type is when the letters or logos have a translucent face, usually acrylic or polycarbonate that allow the light to go through it

Hallo lit (backlit)

This type is when the back of the letter is translucent and allow the light to flow to the back surface of the letter or logo

Front and back-lit

This is when the front and the back of the letter and logo are translucent and can allow the light to go through them

open-face (exposed)

This is when the face of the letter or logo is open (exposed) and the neon or LED or internal lit shape is showing

Custom illuminated

This usually depends on the design and  the environment where the sign will be installed

Self-contained letters and logos

This when the return (the edge of the letters or logo) is expanded to contain the whole sign or part of it to make it one piece or more rather than individual letters or shapes

Multi-layers channel letter signs

That could be by adding a larger aluminum plate behind the letters to work as a shadow or a surface that light casts on in case of backlit or per design requirement

Shadow-like backplate channel letter signs

Back plate shaped as the letters or logo slightly larger in size to an outline effect to letters
We use high quality LED light for our signs, channel letter signs are weatherproof signs that are made of aluminum and acrylic with added graphics and materials if needed all over the Chicago area.

How much Channel Letter Signs costs?

Every channel letter sign we fabricate is considered a custom made sign due to a large number of variables in the fabricating process of the sign, from letter height, stroke thickness, font, return depth, return thickness, return color, back thickness, type of mounting, face color, trim cap color, trim cap thickness, the amount of light and the color of light and etc. Our process is to quote each approved drawing on its own, based on the options chosen. Check our economy standard channel letter sign that is affordable to every business.

Channel letters Mounting methods:

There are a few mounting methods that anyone considering a channel letter sign needs to know of especially in Chicago weather.

Raceway Mounting:

Many property management companies and landlords will require that any channel letter signs be installed on a raceway, which is a metal “box” that houses the electrical wiring and power supply for the individual letters themselves. The advantage to a raceway mount is that it reduces the number of wall penetrations that are required to complete the installation – – something most landlords appreciate. Raceways are typically painted to match the color of the building façade or sign band.

Spacer and Stud Mount:

This method used when it’s essential to have the letters standoff of the wall from 1 to 3 inches either because of the wall nature, or the design requirement, or when the letters or logo are lit from the back known as halo-lit.

Direct Mount or Flush Mount (directly against the wall):

If appearance is key, then chances are you’ll favor a direct mount installation. With a direct mount, the letters are attached directly to the building façade using a pattern, with non-corrosive fasteners. For reverse channel letters, direct mount with standoff spacers is the common option. With direct mount or flush mount channel letters, the power source and electrical wiring connecting one letter to another are housed behind the bulkhead wall or façade.

Back Mount:

Similar to raceway mount, except that instead of a metal box, the channel letters are attached to a metal cabinet or backer panel that is typically larger in height and width than the channel letter configuration. The power supply and wiring can either be housed inside the backer “cabinet” or behind the bulkhead wall or façade.

Float Mount:

This kind of mount usually used when the installation options are minimal, or it’s a design requirement, this is when the sign has to be hanged from the top or the bottom, at Signs House we do it all when it comes to a quality custom made channel letter signs, we use our extensive experience along with the state of the art tools to get done in the right way!

Moving base mount:

this is when the sign is rotating or moves on a motor base


Start your project here

How we make channel letter signs?

Making channel letter signs is a very detail-sensitive process and requires an experienced team to handle different stages from concept and design to fabrication and installation


This step is done by a consultant that will offer the best options for your channel letter sign project.


A professional industrial designer will work on your channel letter sign options to make your brand hot!


Permit process

Once designs approved, we then take care of your paperwork and arrangement with the city to ensure smoothness to the channel letter sign project process.

Fabrication / Manufacturing

With the best technologies in the trade, you will get the channel letter sign product that will add a lot to your brand!


A professional installation crew is always there to meet your channel letter sign deadline and save the day.


We are proud of our channel letter signs, and we will always take care of them, a 2-year warranty on our signs will give you peace of mind.

 Utilizing Channel Letters Signs

The future will be looking up when you choose to utilize custom-designed channel letters signs by Signs House to promote and identify your company and its brands. Channel letter signs are the most magnificently captivating signs for storefronts and for many other outdoor and interior marketing promotions.

Signs House and its Graphic Designers and Sign Technicians team will custom craft your channel letters signs from creative concept development to fully fabricated three-dimensional letters, logos, or figures ready for installation. You can attach your channel letters signs to most any wall, or structure.

If you want your sign lit up, Signs House offers an
an exciting array of options to illuminate each project ranging from
Neon to backlighting, or spectacular interior lighting configurations
to make your entire sign glow.

Every letter or figure is separately cut and created with top-quality craftsmanship so your signs will be protected from rain and sunshine minimizing the risks of quick unsightly rust damage or discoloration due to fading.

Signs House channel letter signs even have a warranty.

We don’t want your channel letters signs to chip, dent, rust, or fade so we build your signs properly and stand behind our work.

Signs House channel letters signs are cost-effective and reliable, offering great branding opportunities for any image-conscious business owner.

The future of your organization is important. Making Signs House your choice for all your new or upgraded channel letters signs requirements is  the decision we know you’ll be happy with, and one which will seriously help enhance your margin of success. Choose our channel letters!

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Full Service Storefront Signs Company

At Signs House, we understand the customers needs, and how time is your valuble source, we will take of your whole project and save you the time for all the proccess, we will start with provideing the options that best fit your location, and come up with the best design that will give you the best visibility and the brand image that your customer will admire, and then we will fabricate your sign profissionaly and install it then let you admire the final product for years to com. 

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