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LED signs have become very popular in recent years. They are versatile, efficient, and eye-catching, which makes them the perfect tool for marketing. Many businesses use these cabinet/lightbox signs on their storefront to establish a strong brand presence. You just need to invest in a high-quality product to get the best results.

Benefits of LED Channel Lettering

People have started to use LED for all of their lighting and decorating needs. This technology is superior to all other alternatives available in the market today. Here’s a look at some of its benefits:

  • Less Energy – According to some research, LEDs use at least 75% less energy than other forms of lighting technology. The savings increase if you use ENERGY STAR-rated products instead of regular bulbs.
  • Fewer Greenhouse Gases – LEDs emit fewer greenhouse gases and have a much lower carbon footprint compared to other options available today. If you want to invest in green technologies, LED signs are a great choice.
  • Long-Lasting – These lights last 25 times longer than any alternatives. They are highly durable, even in rough outdoor conditions. Your sign will last for several years, as long as you use a good-quality fixture and maintain it well.

Most signage companies use LED in their products unless customers specifically request something else. You can ask them about the lighting technologies they use and request LED if necessary.

Types of Lighting for Signs

There are different types of light signs available in the market today. You can choose an option that fits your brand requirements and aesthetics. Here’s a look at some of the choices:

  • Front Illuminated – The sign is illuminated from the front, which gives it a shadowed, glowing appearance. This type of sign looks very elegant and sophisticated.
  • Halo Lit or Backlit – The light is placed behind a translucent printed sheet, which improves the design’s color saturation, contrast, and clarity. Backlit signs are eye-catching and impactful, making them perfect for storefronts.
  • Combination – You can install a combination of backlit and front-illuminated signs as well. They offer the best of both worlds and are very attractive as well.
  • Custom Lit – Custom lit boxes are designed according to the client’s requirements. A skilled sign designer will create a fixture based on your logo or brand aesthetics.
  • Lightboxes – Lightbox signs are suitable for almost every brand and requirement. They’re visible, soft, versatile, and easy to read.

Speak with a well-established signage company if you want to know more about channel lettering. They will consider your brand requirements and recommend a design that will help attract more customers.